Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Momma, you will scream like a Little Girl...

...and other things spoken at the Hagler house last week.

First up is Micah John:

Micah (as he comes running into the house): "Momma, you GOTTA come see this...you will scream like a Girl!"
Momma: "Well, I am a girl"
Micah: "Then you will scream like a LITTLE girl!"
Momma (I laugh and say): "Okay"
...and we go walking out the door to see what has caused all this ruckus

We have these cement blocks at the front of the gate that then have cement pavers covering the tops of them. The boys like to walk across the pavers/blocks and this day had taken the pavers off and were making it more difficult for themselves. Well in the process they had found a HUGE spider. I walk up and try to look into the block...I cannot see a thing except for lots of cobwebs. Micah is on the other side of the block and he keeps insisting it is RIGHT THERE! I crane my head all the way over and all of the sudden I see the HUGE spider...I jump back and go around to Micah's side to get a better look. The thing is nasty, hairy and BIG. I try to take a pic with my cell phone but it doesn't come out very well. I go inside to get the regular camera and snap a few. Micah tries to get Vicki to come out and see it as he runs in telling her...Vicki, Vicki, Vicki you HAVE to come see this HUGE spider. She asks him how big it is and he replies...50 FEET as he holds up his figures to measure about an inch. I get back outside to snap a pic and as I zoom in to get it the darn thing starts crawling out towards US. I indeed "scream like a little girl", snap the pic, and jump back (thank goodness for wrist band on cameras or this one may have been toast!). The flash causes the spider to crouch and then he falls down the cement block and we cannot see him any longer. YUCK!

Next up is Joel. Now for all my kids I kind of call them whatever comes out of my mouth. Christian was always Boo or Bug...and has now grown into Babe, Micah has always been Micah John and Baby...and Joel has been Jojo, Jojo-bear, and Joely-bear. So he walks into my room last week and says:

Joel: "Hi, Mama bear"
Me: "Is my name mama-bear? What's your name?"
Joel: "Jojo-bear"
Me: "Who else is there?"
Joel: "Micah-bear...Yicky-bear (vicki)...Robyn-bear (Robyn, Vicki's sister)"
Me: "Who else?"
Joel: "Christian-bear, Daddy-bear, Nana-bear, Papa-bear"

I just had to laugh...this little one is just too cute. Later when we went to pick up Christian from school, Joel and Micah got real silly about it...calling everything "bear"...the house, the garage, etc.

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  1. Holy Mackerel!! That's one big spider! It's giving me the heebee geebees just looking at the pictures. *shudder*