Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ice Skating in October

We were lucky enough to celebrate a birthday with Micah's friend Hannah by going ice skating. Hannah is as cute as can be and loves Hello Kitty and make-up...so I got her a bit of both, it was nice to use up some HK flannel I have had in my stash for awhile. The younger boys did great for their first go at skating and we all had a great time.

appliqued t-shirt with HK patches

HK flannel pj pants - my go-to pattern from Butterick

Jojo getting his bearings

gotta love these things they have now for first-timers

Micah and Luke

some girl that thought Joel was cute and helped him around a few laps

Micah and Hannah

Christian with Hannah's brothers Michael and Alex (they were on Luke's fall ball team last year)

me and Jojo

the boys...tired and sweaty after skating

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