Tuesday, January 19, 2010

onto 2010!!!

Okay...so I just spent pretty much ALL day updating the blog with everything from last year. In my quest to get more organized and document my life and the kids...my goal this year is to keep this slightly more updated that in the past. It may be boring, funny, sad, inspiring...but I will try to write something atleast weekly!

And hopefully there will be some sewing...as that is what truly inspires my soul! Making things for my family and my extended family brings a smile to my face...as sitting down at my machines can bring a calmness to me like no other...plus I have a rather large stash that needs to be drastically dwindled down. My goal is to not wait until special moments to sew...but to keep it going all year long...so if you are a part of that wonderful thing I call FAMILY...do not be surprised if you or your child randomly receive things from my throughout the year...or if I constantly ask for measurements LOL.

And to my husband...hopefully this year also brings forth a lot of decluttering, organizing, and getting things in order around the house. Here's to an incredible 2010!

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