Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My pocket called you...

So Luke sat down last night after everyone was in bed and was going through his messages. He looked up at me and said, "You called me...6ish?"...he was gone with C and M at wrestling practice. I knew I hadn't...so told him, "My pocket must have called you". Usually it is just static...but he put the message on speaker phone and I just had to laugh. You can hear a very LOUD rendition of a KT Tunstall song...her Live in Soho album has become one of my latest faves and I was playing it very loudly while I was cleaning the kitchen and cooking dinner last night. And while I was doing THAT...Joel was doing THIS with the dogs (btw...you cannot get good pics while trying to cook and take pics with a cell phone):

On an unhappy note...dinner was ruined...atleast the part with massive amounts of butter. Apparently our garage refrigerator on going on the fritz...and having a MASSIVE freon issue...which is now making everything in the freezer taste NASTY! So we either need to get it fixed or get a newer cheap one off Craigslist. It was on my agenda today to call our extended warranty/insurance people today to see if this qualifies...but instead I did a massive blog update...so now I get to make that call tomorrow. Thankfully Luke is stopping at the store tonight for NEW butter as I definitely do not want to ruin the baked potatoes currently cooking in the oven.

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