Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ruby's school outfit with a side of "the Fair"

I spent a good amount of late August and September working on a 4-piece school outfit for my niece Ruby using fabrics we bought 2 summers ago when my brother and his family were here while he was going through radiation treatment. Summer was concerned Ru would outgrow the fabrics soon so now was the time. I had Ruby help me pick patterns when they were up here in July for a visit. I also wanted to get part of Ruby's done so that I could enter it into the Puyallup Fair. I ended up with 3 entries into the Fair...Ruby's pants (which won 1st place), Aleena's yellow Belle dress (thanks Tanya for sending it up!), and a shirt I made for C for his 10th birthday (received an Honorable Mention). Joel was finally tall enough to ride some of the rides this year and Micah was tall enough to go on some of the bigger kids rides...as well as taking in the Monster Truck show (boy was that an experience).

Ottobre 01/09, #17 Siiri pinafore and #13 Katri pants

Ottobre 01/08, #16 Polkadot blouse

Ottobre 01/09, #12 Kaisa blouse

Ottobre 01/09, #13, Katri pants

Ottobre 02/04 #23, #24

Ottobre 01/05 #34 with short sleeves (this has a huge #10 reverse applique on the back)

slight fear as his brother's abandoned him

he loved this one!

flying high!

some bungee bouncer

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