Tuesday, January 19, 2010

and then there was Micah...

So following the SF weekend we then had Micah's birthday. We celebrated his actual birthday at home opening a few gifts from us and Gramps/Grammie...and then Again we splurged (what can I say...it was that kind of year LOL) and had his birthday party at the local gymnastics joint that Micah and Joel were taking classes at: The Jungle Gym. We had the wonderful Heidi as our teacher and a whole lot of kids! I also had the joy of making Micah's birthday outfit which he still loves to wear (who wouldn't want to wear Scooby Doo!):

reverse applique

Ottobre 03/09 #24 Jungle t-shirt and Favorite Things "Little Smarty Pants" pattern

Gramps/Grammie's present

from Mom/Dad

doesn't every kid just need a box!

Luke...deep in concentration (you can tell by the tongue...he also makes this funny clicking sound)

pooped out and barely able to eat his cupcake

a rousing game of "what time is it Mr/Mrs. Fox?"

Joel and Hannah

He gets to be first!

I think C had more fun LOL!

Joel being a bear

Tramp fun!

Joel playing "hide n seek"


Micah's basketball Ice Cream cake

Luke as one of the "kids" of course!

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