Monday, April 5, 2010

Everyone needs "footie" jammies

For atleast over a year Vicki's sister Robyn has wanted a pair of Footie pajamas...but they are a little hard to come by in adult sizes. So we set out to make a pair for Christmas...of course Robyn opened her present on Christmas morning (her and Vicki stayed with us that night)...and found a cut out but not sewn pair of jammies. Here are the end results, and next time I will RUIN the surprise and take measurements first, as these were HUGE when I first got them done (we ended up taking about 2" out of the back center seam and 8" all around). Fun to make and easy to sew...doesn't everyone need a pair of footie jammies! The pattern is KS 3712 :

I even matched the stripes!

Jojo loves his "Robyn-bear"!

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  1. Those are AWESOME!!! You have some serious sewing skills lady! Long live sleepers!