Tuesday, January 19, 2010

onto Christmas (and the Christmas sewing)

We scooted right into December and I promised myself I was not going to take on a lot of Cmas sewing...yeah, right! December started with my mom coming to help me inventory all of my fabric...800+ pictures and 24+ bins later we got most of it done (there are still a few left and there was a handful I had done already)....atleast half of it needs to be sold. Bless my mom's heart for conquering this project with me! After we were done I needed to do Cmas projects. My list started with this:
  • Christmas pj's for the boys
  • footie pajamas for Robyn (Vicki's sister)
  • a doll sling for my niece Ruby
  • fleece pants for my nephew Curtis

The list then went on to add the following:

  • 2 more doll slings for my other nieces Aleena & Taylor
  • a hat for niece Ruby
  • 2 family picture albums for my nieces Taylor and Lily
  • pair of booties for Lily

AND of course almost ALL of it had to be mailed! I got almost all of it done except for half of the boys' pajamas (ran out of fabric after doing the pants, new fabric is here now and needs to be finished...and Robyn's footie jammies). I had a lot of fun on all these projects and learned a few new things:

Ruby's doll sling - adapted from here

Curt's pants - Otto 6/07 #23 Osmo pants

Ruby's hat (which matches her school outfit) - Burda 9587

Lily's slippers and book - Otto 01/09 #9 slippers, Amy Butler "Stitches for Little Ones" photo album

Taylor and Lily's books - Amy Butler "Little Stitches for Little Ones" Photo Album

Lily's book

Taylor's book

Aleena and Taylor's doll slings
adapted from here

We had a splendid Christmas around here and of course everyone was spoiled!

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