Monday, April 5, 2010

Wrestling - 2010

So having married into a family with a LONG history of wrestling...I knew my days were numbered, especially since Luke helped coached Ballard High School's wrestling team for the 2nd year this year (what is it with wrestling pics and the "swollen neck" stance?). Since he was already over there with practice we decided to have Micah sign up for Seattle Wresting since Christian was already signed up for Basketball. Well of course at Micah's first tourney Christian decided he wanted to wrestle as well. All in all it was a successful year...Micah kinda petered out at the end (wanting to play more on his DS with the other kids during down-time) so we will see if he wants to continue next year, but Christian loved it and really grew a lot. We were exhausted by the end of the season as it entailed a lot of driving and early mornings for us as most of the tournemants were 1-2hours away with weigh-ins at 7am. I think the boys' favorite part was getting to go to breakfast after weigh-ins! Here is a pic of C and M at their final tourney for the season:

C placed 2nd and M placed 4th

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